Thursday, July 28, 2011

Armidale and Such

It's been a while since my first post.. probably because I don't know what to write.  I arrived in Armidale safely last week and went through a short international student orientation.  I won an iPod nano from a raffle during orientation, so that was pretty cool.  That Saturday, we took a trip to Dorrigo National Park and did a 6 km walk through the rainforest.  It was really nice and we saw a wallaby!  Classes started this week but nothing was really going on.  I'm taking 4 classes:
1. Intro to Breeding and Genetics
2.  Australia's Human Geography
3.  Comparative and ecological physiology of Australian vertebrates
4.  Animals in Society
I'm pretty excited about each class.  Today, for my practical for animals in society a veterinary pathologist who is also a wildlife keeper brought in a  quoll and then did a post mortem autopsy of three native Australian birds.
As far as where I'm living, it's just like being in the dorms.  A lot of people in a confined space.  They're called colleges and I live in Austin college.  This week was Dis-O  (disorientation) week so we had a lot of fun events since classes were just introductory.  I joined the netball team as well.  I've never even heard of netball before I came here but I'm excited to play it should be fun.  On campus there is a kangaroo park that has lots and lots of kangaroos... I know that's off topic but thought it should be shared... they're really fun to watch.
That's all I can think of now.  I'll hopefully update this soon when I'm not half asleep and can think of more things to say. :)

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